Monthly Archives: March 2015

It is hard to believe that the end of Term 1 is already upon us! It has been a very busy but productive term, and I have been impressed by the focus and application of our students towards their studies. Even though it has been a short term, we seem to have packed a lot of work into it, including a wonderful theatre production and a successful sporting season, with three premierships. Our Year 12s have made a very positive start in their studies and have faced their first round of School Assessed Coursework well prepared and with determination. It has been a good beginning to the year, and I hope families will now be able to enjoy a break from our routines, spend some time together and rest in preparation for a longer Term 2.
It was wonderful to see our Year 9 and 10 students performing George Orwell’s Animal Farm in the Wheelton Amphitheatre last night. There was a real picnic atmosphere as families sat on their cushions, rugs and even bean bags! The students embraced their roles vigorously and exploited the opportunities provided by the outdoor venue to great effect. Congratulations to Mr Sam Gough, who directed the show, and to his team of designers and technicians for presenting such an imaginative version of this well-known parable. Congratulations also to the cast and crew for their performances and for creating such an entertaining piece of theatre.
It is difficult to believe that we are over half way through Term 1! I hope all families are able to catch their breath after a busy start to the year and enjoy the long weekend. We look forward to returning to classes on Tuesday of next week. Our first round of Parent Teacher interviews for the year will soon be upon us, so please ensure you book a time with your son’s teachers through our on-line booking system.