A liberal approach to academia

Regardless of ability, temperament or background, it is our goal that every student fulfills his potential.

We nurture, encourage and expect high academic achievement, recognising that students have differing abilities, interests and goals. Our formal curriculum is demanding yet sufficiently flexible to allow for different rates of development and learning.

It is our belief that students benefit most from a full
academic and co-curricular program that promotes
a variety of learning opportunities, complemented by
pastoral care.

This is why your son experiences:

  • the full learning spectrum from arts and humanities to sport, science and technology, to help him discover his path in life and flourish.
  • an extensive list of co-curricular activities, including camps, drama and outdoor education, so that learning does not take place only in the classroom.
  • Pastoral care support to help him grow as an individual, as well as academically.

Our students consistently rank amongst the highest performers in Victoria according to Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores. In recent years our median ATAR has sat above 91 with one in nine students achieving scores of 99 or better – placing them in the top one per cent of the state. Three in four students received scores of 80 and above, with many achieving perfect study scores in a wide range of subjects.

View VCE results and student destinations as part of the Enrolment Booklet

See how we help our students navigate their future careers.

Senior School – Finding the right future

To prepare for the Victorian Certificate of Education, students in Years 9 and 10 are offered a broad, liberal curriculum. Compulsory subjects include: English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Science and a Language Other Than English. Your son can also choose from an extensive list of electives ranging from Commerce to Music.

It is expected that most students study seven subjects in Year 11 and five in Year 12, as well as maintaining participation in the school’s sporting and extra-curricular programs. We also offer career support for students in Year 10 and above.

Download the Senior School curriculum as part of the Enrolment booklet

Middle School – The transition years

Our teaching methods and curriculum have been adapted to meet the educational needs of boys of this age, addressing preferred learning styles and aiding in the transition between childhood and adolescence.

All boys study Art, English, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Languages, Mathematics, Personal Skills and Competencies, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science, and a selection of Drama, Drama and Media, Music Ensemble, and Music Technology.

Download the Middle School curriculum as part of the Enrolment booklet

Junior School – Setting the foundation

From Preparatory to Year 5, teachers deliver an innovative curriculum that reflects how boys learn. It is organised into core subject areas comprising Art, Christian Education, English, Health and Physical Education, Library, Mandarin Chinese, Mathematics, Music, Science, Studies of Society and the Environment, and Technology. Support is provided to help develop numeracy and literacy skills or English as a Second Language.

Junior School students can also join programs such as the Junior School Science Expo, Science Talent Search, Tournament of Minds, Writers’ Club, Music Groups, Chess Club and Mathematics and Science competitions.

In Junior School, our focus is on knowing and nurturing the students during these critical foundation years on which their future learning is based.

Download the Junior School curriculum as part of the Enrolment booklet

Pre-Preparatory School – Key development

Our learning programs for four and five-year-old Pre-Preparatory students combine rich indoor and outdoor play experiences with guided learning activities that encourage the boys to develop at their own pace. Learning is enhanced through excursions, visitors and special interest days. Specialist subject areas include Library, Mandarin Chinese, Music, and Physical Education
and Health.

We provide a secure, stimulating and challenging environment to help encourage the students’ development and an interest
in learning in these vital early years, where a child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional development builds a strong foundation for future learning and growth.

Attached to the Junior School, the Centre is able to use facilities such as the library and extensive grounds. A transition program also operates throughout fourth term to facilitate a smooth transition into the primary levels.

Download information on our Pre-Preparatory Centre as part of the Enrolment booklet.

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