The Arts

Music, art and performing take centre stage

Our school is renowned for its thriving Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts programs. They allow your son to explore his artistic side and many a graduate has gone on to forge a formidable career in these areas.

Performing Arts

If your son enjoys performing or participating in stage productions, our thriving Performing Arts program includes a Drama Club, four school orchestras (Junior, Middle, Senior and string), a school choir, and full-scale school productions and concerts. Students can be involved as actors or with lighting, sound, set design and construction, and stage management. Our productions are often in conjunction with local girls’ schools and our boys also participate in their productions.

Events are held in the auditorium of our 1,000-seat Performing Arts Centre capable of accommodating a full symphony orchestra.

Our exciting Music curriculum stretches right across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, comprising Composition, Dance and Chamber Music, Film Making, History, Instrumental and Ensemble Music, Music Technology, Music Theory, and Recording Techniques. More than 300 students learn an instrument each year and demonstrate their talents through a wonderful calendar of concerts, recitals and church services.

In the classroom, music is a core subject up until Year 7 and an elective from Year 8, taught in our Mallinson Music School. It houses an auditorium, classrooms and rehearsal rooms, and is named after John Mallinson who was Head of Music at Camberwell Grammar School for more than 20 years.

Visual Arts

We are committed to art and design education so that students can experience the creative process and develop their artistic skills. Visual art is studied and taught across the school, encompassing two and three-dimensional art across a variety of media, materials and techniques – from sculpture, ceramics and photography, to works in wood, on canvas and many other forms including digital.

Students regularly attend exhibitions by both masters and contemporary artists at major city galleries and we also offer overseas study tours. Our Artist-in-Residence program attracts a wide range of practitioners – from photographers and painters to printmakers and ceramicists – to inspire and teach our students.

Our new Senior School Art Studio opened
in 2013, in addition to our extensive and
existing art facilities.

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