Our Learning Community

Fostering a love of learning

The success of our students stems from an inclusive culture where students, staff and parents cultivate a supportive, safe and friendly learning community.

By fostering a love of learning and a commitment to high academic standards, our goal is that every student fulfills his potential. We hope to educate men interested in the problems facing our world and with the skills to do something about them.

Our curriculum

  • Exposes students to a wide range of learning opportunities to help your son find his niche.
  • Is complemented by co-curricular activities for out-of-classroom learning.
  • Encourages activities beyond traditional ‘male’ pursuits, such as music and literature,
    so students can explore their passions without the pressure of gender stereotypes.
  • Is delivered by talented teachers who strive to provide individual attention, respond
    creatively to new learning developments, and who are always learning too through
    extensive professional development.


Our teaching methods:

  • Focus on independent learning, harnessing curiosity and a desire to explore and problem solve.
  • Incorporate new technologies, to aid in learning and to teach responsibility in the digital age.
  • Recognise and address the unique learning style of boys to help students succeed.


Our campus:

  • Encourages exploration and adventure, from David Bromley’s statue of a leapfrogging boy to the amazing murals in our Junior School library. Our facilities are exceptionally well resourced and make learning an adventure. It’s why our school is filled with energy from both students and teachers. All our classes are on one campus from the Junior School (4 year old Pre-Prep to Year 5) to Middle School (Years 6 to 8) to Senior School (Years 9 to 12).

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