Pastoral Life

Caring for your son

Providing a safe, secure and happy learning environment for your son is our priority. Pastoral care is provided for all students, with teachers, specialist staff, counsellors, parents and our school Chaplain working together to help each boy build esteem, feel valued and included, and face challenges.


In our Senior School, even the students help out by
participating in a mentoring system. It’s what you’ll
notice between the boys when strolling across campus.
Our policies around positive behaviour, anti-bullying and
social skills are designed to build self-confidence and
develop positive interactions.

Spiritual awareness

We are an Anglican school that nurtures Christian values within a diverse and tolerant community, welcoming people of all faiths and traditions. Through our Christian Education and Religious Education Programs, we encourage students to explore the spiritual dimensions of their lives and to understand and respect values and beliefs different to their own.

Our school Chaplain is an Anglican priest (Communion is offered every Friday) and our School Council includes a representative from St Mark’s Church. One of our current development projects is the construction of a beautiful chapel accommodating 200 people, to welcome members of the school community for weddings, Christenings and other services.

Personal development

Our expert teachers strive to ensure that your child and his individual needs and goals remain a priority. By providing a well-rounded education both inside and outside the classroom, our focus goes beyond academic performance to your son’s personal development.

Co-curricular activities also provide students with experience in the wider world and help them value social and cultural diversity and teamwork. These include language study tours, interstate and international sporting tours and local and national expeditions. Our students also enjoy activities with neighbouring girls’ schools including sporting, mathematics and choral events and musical and dramatic productions.


Our teachers are specialists in educating boys, engaging, supporting and challenging them as they progress through each stage of development in our Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

We also employ specialist staff trained in clinical, educational and developmental psychology, to offer confidential counselling to students and families for:

  • academic, social and emotional well-being.
  • personal, developmental and family issues.

They work closely with teaching and support staff and provide support within our pastoral care system.

Additionally, we employ learning support teachers in our Learning Support Department. They liaise with classroom teachers, administrators and other support personnel to develop classroom strategies and individual plans for those who excel or require additional support. Learning support is available to all students to ensure they receive the help they need to achieve their full potential.

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