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  • Nathan Huynh receives offer from the University of Pennsylvania
    As Nathan was completing his VCE at Camberwell Grammar School, he decided to embark on the gruelling US college admissions process.
  • Freddy Branson wins Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso international music competition
    WHEN Freddy Branson joked to his music teacher he wanted to play his beloved flute overseas, she said his best bet would be to win a competition.
  • ‘Me and My Mentor’ – Nelson Zhao and Greg Roberts
    'Me and My Mentor' - Nelson Zhao and Greg Roberts
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From the Headmaster's Desk

This term our Year 11 students participated in a one-day conference put together by our Deputy Head and our Heads of House called BODi Day. The title is an acronym for “By Our Deeds: Inquiry”. Like a true conference, the students were presented with keynote speeches and had the opportunity to participate in a number of workshop sessions over the course of the day. There were sessions on healthy eating and physical well-being, emotional self-control, mindfulness, yoga and meditation, social connectedness and integrity. In the evening, parents and students were invited back to the school to discuss the nature of ‘meaningful relationships’. The focus of this conference though, was on a couple of big questions: what does it mean to be a ‘good man’, and how can we find happiness and contentment in our lives? Such questions are central to all of us as we navigate through difficult times, and are surely as important in education as Mathematics or History.