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  • Henry Wu has founded the Australian Youth Space Society to inspire space industry
    Henry Wu, 17, a Year 11 student at Camberwell Grammar School, is the founder of the Australian Youth Space Society. Last September, Henry attended Space Camp in Alabama, USA, where it dawned on him how small Australia’s own space industry really is. “It was heartbreaking to see that Australia hasn’t got its own space program that conducts domestic launches,” Henry said.
  • Camberwell Grammarians’ Theatre Company prepares for a fun night out
    The latest production from the Camberwell Grammarians’ Theatre Company is a British take on the classic play A Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni.
  • Old Boy Tim Kentley-Klay (1993) who wants to beat Apple, Tesla and Uber
    CGS Old Boy Tim Kentley-Klay (1993) who wants to beat Apple, Tesla and Uber with his company 'Zoox' in building the first fully functioning, self-driving car.
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From the Headmaster's Desk

The Arts have the power to expand our vision of the world, to challenge our complacency, and to fill our souls with music. Whether it is an image in a photograph of light through autumn leaves, or the strains of a much loved pop song, or the moment of ‘absolute truth’ captured in a masterfully performed act of theatre, the artistic vision is one which can lift us out of the pettiness of our routine lives and can reveal the beauty of living. As we educate our students about mathematics and science and literature and commerce and geography, and as they also learn that life’s journey contains much that is painful and difficult, I hope too that we teach them to be artists, to see the world as it might be, and inspire them to reach for the stars.